Bruno Fidrych professionally for fifteen years photographing events, people and everything that surrounds us. He began taking pictures for record companies to work for many years as a photojournalist for the country's largest newspaper publishers. The first two years of work in "Życie Warszawy" was a great school to cope with hardship and stress of professional photographer. The next seven years in the largest Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza" gave the possibility of intense development and skills training under the guidance of the best photographers, photo editors and journalists. As a photojournalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" worked in many places in the world, including Iraq, Kurdistan, where he had the opportunity to work on such reportage showing the life of local people and the activities of Polish soldiers. The uniqueness of the work as newspaper photographer in the "Gazeta Wyborcza" lies in the fact that besides the typical reporter's press photos can also shoot for a wide range of specialist weeklies and monthlies published by Agora Publishing. Thus, in appart of reportage also plumbed the secrets of many types of studio photography, such as portrait, food, interior or architecture photography. Since then, his pictures began to appear, among others in such Titles as the "Duży Format", "Wysokie Obcasy", "Kuchnia", "Poradnik Domowy", "Przyjaciółka", "Męska Rzecz", "Cztery Kąty", "Wnętrza", "Mieszkaj", "Twój Dom", "Dobra Kuchnia", "Auto Plus" or "Świat Motocykli". After leaving the "Gazeta Wyborcza" he worked as a freelance photographer for many companies, publishers and agencies by the year to take part in the creation of the new newspaper "Polska The Times". Adventure of "Polska The Times" he closed in 2008 and since that moment he start work only on their own account. Since 2010 is co-owner of a photographic studio PLASTERSTUDIO an area of over 250 m2.